Taxx Deluxe Package

Taxx Deluxe includes:

Taxx Savage Software

Unlimited licenses

Audit Protection

No EFIN required

Financing Available

5 Year Software Access

Mobile App

Software Training



Corporate Link for business

Bank Products

Cursory reviews

Yes, no revenue sharing! Your money is yours. You’ll find us to be the most generous and fair tax software company. Don’t believe me? Look what else we’re giving you.


Sales Funnels

Online Forms For Your Customers

Custom Color Palette

Custom Logo

Social Media Pack

Landing Page

CRM Dashboard

Email/SMS System^

Basic Tax Law Course

Intro Bookkeeping Course

Sales and Marketing Course

Coaching Calls

IRS Approved CE Classes (2 Free!)

Masterminds Facebook Group

^texts must be set up with a Twilio account and require a separate fee

We’ve partnered with Savage Solutions Suite; a powerful marketing tool

that will TURBOCHARGE your business to the NEXT LEVEL. 

You get access to Savage Solutions Suite for free during your

first tax season with the Taxx Deluxe Package. 

After you’ve seen how much easier it makes your business to run,

you’ll be a believer. After the complimentary offer has expired

you’ll pay the low price of $67 monthly for Savage Solutions Suite and a

yearly maintenance fee of $50* for the Taxx Savage Software Package for 5 years. 

That’s it! 

*Purchasers of the Taxx Deluxe package must be paid-in-full and meet the requirement of 100 qualifying Bank Products by March 1st are conditions to receive this offer. A $50 maintenance fee is applied yearly.

Need Financing?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. With inflation on the rise we have inhouse financing with a  $299 down payment and we take the remaining amount due from your prep fees only through bank products.

Easy, right?

$997 Taxx Deluxe Package